About ‘The Bright Lamp’

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We are sure you’ve either taken one or more career decisions in your life so far,

Or maybe you are at the cusp of taking another,

Or perhaps you are about to take your first-ever career decision. How exciting!

Are you unsure about which path to take? 

 Or do you just need assurance?

Have you always gone with the flow so far and are taking a moment to think and do something different with your life?

Are you looking for some inspiration?

We are here to help provide inspiration – Seek the Light

Are you looking to help someone in their career decisions? How wonderful!

We are here to help you do that – Be The Light

The Bright Lamp is a platform that helps broaden the outlook towards careers and inspire everyone to build a satisfying career by sharing interests, ideas and experiences.

We believe that it’s important that each and every person is motivated – motivated to live his/her dreams, motivated to experiment with not-very-frequently-taken paths, motivated to change paths mid-way, motivated to make an informed decision – Motivated to have a fulfilling career and also help others have one!

The Oxford dictionary meaning of the word career reads an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress”. Agreed.

Most of us also believe that there is something above this – a career must give us joy, satisfaction and growth. But often this definition of a career in our mind gets convoluted on life’s path. Either by choice of by lack of awareness, many of us end up “doing jobs” instead of “building careers”; we continue in our jobs and make switches depending on our monetary or other conveniences or rather inconveniences, continue to keep dreading Mondays and waiting for Fridays. This must change. And if you believe so, (we really hope so!) you’ve come to the right place.

We are here to provide the inspiration to help achieve this goal.

It’s time that Mondays and Fridays are treated alike – with happiness! Each one of us is motivated to find happiness in our careers!

Welcome again!

We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback. Please write to us at writetous@thebrightlamp.com.

Seek Light, Be the Light!

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