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    Book Review – My Life, My Rules – Stories of 18 Unconventional Careers

    Category: Careers Author/Contributor: Ramya Iyer

    Sonal Golani’s book “My Life, My Rules – Stories of 18 unconventional careers” takes the reader through the journeys of 18 successful people who dared to switch from their established comfortable careers to chase their dreams and yet again become successful. As I was reading the book I was thinking of the scene from 3 …

    Remembering Indian physicist Sir C V Raman

    Category: Science Author/Contributor: Ramya Iyer

    Today is celebrated as National Science Day in India in honour of physicist Sir C.V. Raman who discovered the ‘Raman effect’ on this day. He was awarded the Nobel prize for the same in 1930. He was the first Indian to win a Nobel in the field of science. He was born in 1888 in …

    “Having been homeschooled since the age of 9, at 16, I have my entire life neatly lined up”

    Category: Education/Training Author/Contributor: Aditi Eswar

    “My parents started homeschooling me from the age of 9. Most people get quite surprised that such a method even exists. Honestly I think it is by far the best way of life i could have ever imagined for myself. Most importantly it gives one the freedom to explore the different options that are set out …

    Places – Kidzania!

    Category: Education/Training Author/Contributor: Prasann, Ramya Iyer

    I happened to watch a TV commercial from Kidzania. It set me curious. In the TVC, you can see kids in the role of a doctor, model, airhostess, pilot and so on. The Kidzania TV commercial – Kidzania provides an environment where kids get to role play people from different careers, earn (play) money and …

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