Life @ ‘From Mug to Mike’

Life @ ‘From Mug to Mike’

We recently covered Sunil Koshy‘s initiative ‘From Mug to Mike’ in his interesting career story.

Sunil Jain is a chartered accountant and runs ‘Astha‘ a social enterprise. He was recently featured in the Times of India for his efforts in making 2014 elections inclusive.

In Sunil Jain’s words, his ‘From Mug to Mike’ experience:

My Journey with “From Mug to Mike”
Music has been something that has always been able to catch my attention, irrespective of my moods or situations.. – I think lot of it comes from my father who had this passion for music and Cinema. I remember, we used to wake up to the tune of All India Radio in the morning at 6.45 am and the Radio would go on till 11 pm at night….

As I grew up I would pick up filmy songs and start humming them… and whenever I sang, people around would say that I have a very good voice .. I had the desire to learn singing and perform, but I had many challenges – time challenges and physical challenges….

When I read about ‘From Mug to Mike’ in one of the newspapers – I think it was the Times of India of August 2013 – What caught my attention was that its just a one-day workshop and no classical training.  This is what I had been wanting and I thought someone listened to me…

I registered for the workshop. The learning atmosphere was very encouraging.  Best part was you get to record your own song without music which gives a real opportunity to learn about your voice and singing skill. Till I went on the mike, I was under the impression that I had good singing skills, but later realized that having a good voice is one thing and to have singing skills was another. It gave me  direction as to what I need to work on and develop as far as my singing is concerned.

sunil jain mug to mike experience 1

I took the Advance level workshop as well where we are given simple practices to learn the singing skills.

While skills in Singing was obvious outcome of the workshop, the profound and new experience of meeting people from all walks of life and background is unique to these workshops…I have made some brilliant friendship in the process, have come to know very humble and inspiring personalities, all these personalities and reputations gets faded away in two or three meetings and we come as one music loving community that connect so well creating harmony, love and peace .

I have become a better human being because I am part of this musical journey.
Thank you to Sunil Koshy who is so simple and  a firm believer in his idea that “ANYONE CAN SING”
Special acknowledgement and thank you to the team of “From Mug to Mike” for providing me all the support to be carried to the studios at the second floor and sometime to the third floor for practice.. – Its indeed one of those very touching and moving times of this life time..”

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