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Hey! This is Ramya here. It’s great to have you on The Bright Lamp.


I’ve lived most of life in maximum city Mumbai and moved to the beautiful city of Bangalore in the latter part of 2012. I worked for close to 4 years in Mumbai as an IT professional in financial services before moving to Vancouver to pursue a degree in management from the University of British Columbia. I returned to Mumbai after graduation and worked at a marketing analytics startup for a year and a half before packing my bags for Bangalore. Once in Bangalore, I decided to take some time off to breathe, to reflect, create, to learn and to explore.

On one rainy Bangalore morning, as I waved my husband goodbye as he left for work and as I saw many other people walking out of their homes for their days at work,  some thoughts crossed my mind – “what do people love to do”, “why do they do what they are doing”, “how is it when your passion becomes your profession” and “what can make one passionate about the work you do?” and so on… (This was also supplemented with hearing a lot of career shift stories motivated by the notion of finding satisfaction!)

And I realized then that I wanted to create something to inspire people to have great lives and fulfilling careers. The Bright Lamp is the result of this dream.

I would like to thank all our interviewees, experience contributors and inspirers. Your support is appreciated beyond words. We have tried our best to portray your stories and experiences effectively. Thanks again.

A big thank you to our friends and family who supported us in building The Bright Lamp.

A special thank you to our friend Pravin Parab who designed the beautiful Bright Lamp logo. You are amazing!

Thank you to my music teacher, Ms Geetha Navale for constantly egging me on this journey (every class she would ask me about The Bright Lamp)

Thank you to my husband, Vishal Patkar, who took time from his busy schedule to lend a patient ear to all that I had to say, for his creative inputs, his help in developing the platform – for just being there.

Thank you for becoming a part of The Bright Lamp.

Sending best wishes on your way on your quest to a fulfilled life. Seek Light, Be the Light!



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