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Services and Specialities

My storytelling intention,  initiative is called The Bright Lamp Storytells, under this initiative some of the spaces, circles I am grateful to have the opportunity to offer, hold, facilitate are

Storytelling performances

To be able to be the channel that brings a story to a space to a person, to a community is a joy and honour. At a space and at a moment when a story is called …

Spaces with children, families, adults at educational spaces, organisations and community and art spaces.

Story circles

Spaces with children, families, adults at educational spaces, organisations and community and art spaces.

Just an image of a space where a circle of people come together to share, listen, be in stories, songs and silence fills me with warmth.

Story you, me, weee – story circles for children, families, at schools, nature, community arts and performance spaces. Regular and inspired.

Healing Hope and Heart Story Circle – story circle for adults, groups, communities, organizations.

Bonding over our stories and songs  – This began with an open circle we would meet every Friday online at 9 pm IST when we began and share life and songs, during the pandemic. please write to me if you’d like to be part, it is now one Friday a month or so.

Hum Circle – open circle for adults; some circles have been about sharing food and life, a page from a book that is speaking to us, a moment from our travels, personal stories and so on.

Storytelling learning, explorations

Light and joy of storytelling workshop – children, adults, parents, caregivers, college students, teachers, organisations – sharing, exploring, learning, growing and inspiring through storytelling).

Writingstory writing, therapeutic story writing, personal story writing, family, offering, books, workshop/mentoring

Story Mentoring, Story Saathi – children, adults; uncovering, reaching a story, storytelling, story writing

Expressive Arts Practice

A warm space where art is a process, where there is compassionate listening, where there is nurturing of wonder and inner creativity, play and gentle exploration of self in this interconnected world we are in, with presence and mindfulness is the intention I keep in my heart – with children, youth, adults, arts based explorations – just being, creating with curiosity and wonder, self-exploration, nurturing the creativity within, presence and mindfulness, calming, seeking, unearthing, discovering

A poem in that section

A warm, healing space

held in love and care

comforting rituals, intent and invitation,

a burning candle, a pleasing incense, a

resonating bell

the sacred act of sharing and listening,

gently swaying bodies and beating hearts,

a warm cloak, a tender embrace,

a breeze of words , breaths, pauses,

and comfortable silence,

feeding heart and soul,

a river of stories,

a gentle nudge to dip in, imagine, soak,


a place of discovery, wonder

of surprising reveal

self, the unfathomable and assuring red

thread and beyond

a journey

a warm beckoning, to travel

to known and unknown, familiar and


at a moment known, unknown

and return

at a moment known, unknown

an unending beautiful bridge

one for forever, when our heart reaches