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Seeds Home

A home to ponder, dream, seed, nurture, grow

Some of the dreams and spaces which call out to me –

bonding, stories and conversations with people, well-being, healing, self exploration, creativity, dreams – dreams while asleep and awake,, object stories, purpose, meaning, fulfilling life, careers, words, belongings – places in our hearts, song in our hearts, rozmarra ki ruhaniyat – soulfulness in every day life, being …

Bonding over our stories and songs

HUM Circle 

Healing Hope Heart Story Circle 

Story you, story me, story weee

PORUL – People Objects Relationships Unearthing Logs


fulfilment, meaning, purpose, positive psychology inspired strength based approaches, positive art therapy (Expressive Arts Therapy and Positive Psychology), organizational behavior management , culture, human centric human resources, we are all connected ….



Rozmarra Ki Ruhaniyat

Beauty, emotions of words, language

Written word too



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