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Beginning-Fulfilling-Life Exploration

Deep seeded within me perhaps a question came to me during the beginning of my pause

My journey of stories began with a question on a fulfilling life, a life of meaning, seeking fulfilling moments, moment by moment, rozmarra ki ruhaniyat…. and that still is so present in me and then slowly the journey has taken me to the world of stories, traditional, biographical, stories that are becoming, stories for pondering, growth, lightness, healing, bonding, and more …

At the beginning of the journey,  the image of the bright lamp came to me (and my husband, as we spoke) , the lamp that is always within you and me, deep down, the guiding light leading us on our journeys and became the symbol.

I had begun by having conversations – it was wonderful – some snapshots below

The ponderings still continue,

fulfilment, meaning, purpose, positive psychology inspired strength based approaches, positive art therapy (Expressive Arts Therapy and Positive Psychology), organizational behavior management , culture, human centric human resources, we are all connected ….

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