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Journey of Writings: She Finally Realised That The Gulmohar Tree Had Always Been There…

“I know they’re right and you, my friend, are right too, there’s magic, I just needed to believe and look for it. I’ll see you soon!”

Once there was a little girl who loved a Gulmohar tree
She marvelled at this wondrous creation that was growing wild and free
Her tiny neck straining as she would try to look up high
…the summer sun making her brown eyes blink.
She would enjoy the tree’s beautiful bounty,
As her friend and she collected and played with its bright orange flowers.

Seasons passed, years passed
Life passed by too, people, places, trees and all
… they do from a running train’s window
She found herself floating, some of her and some of life’s will
Until one day, life made her stop at the crossroads
She was tired and yet filled with energy, that had nowhere to go

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