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Journey of Writings: Hidden

Lost as my house keys

Lost as my glasses

Lost as my umbrella

Lost as my reader

Lost as my phone

Lost as a way

Lost as mind

Lost as time

Lost as love

Lost as me


Maybe hidden

Hidden as …

Hidden as a clue in a treasure hunt

Hidden as a secret love

Hidden as a not too far away from the pout to smile on a child’s face

Hidden as a gift unbearably waiting for the day


“maybe you are hidden, my house keys”

Hidden as my house keys, “you are only hidden, safe, I hear you now I’ll find a beautiful place to hold you and find you sooner“

Hidden as my glasses, “you are only hidden, I’ll find you , I see you oho did I really keep you here all this while”

Hidden as my umbrella, “you are hiding, my umbrella, you take care of me rain or shine, I care for you too, I’ll keep you where I can see you not locked shut”

Hidden as my reader, “you are hidden, playing like the mysteries you hold, I’ll find you when it’s meant to be”

Hidden as my phone “you are only hidden, you listen when I call you, I’ll find you and listen when you call me too”

Maybe the way is hidden

My mind




I will find you when I can, whenever I can , when it’s meant to be

Maybe I am too


I’ll try I’ll try

And be found slowly

And I’ll be found, more often, in moments

Whenever I am meant to be

February 27 2023


Writing outside my daughter’s dance class

inspired by a conversation with a dear friend A in the morning


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