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Poem : Together

Like meeting the familiar warm smell of a home left behind in time

Like the expectant turtle that swims far, far, all the way to the shore she was born on, to lay her eggs

Like the calming wrinkled hands that meet the racing young hearts, it’s okay they say

Like the crawling baby among huge feet, knowing exactly when to look up, smile, it’s mum!

Like the scarlet sun meets the sea,

the wavering moon meets the waves,

the dreaming tree meets the sky,

… every encounter comfortingly known, yet excitingly different

Like the bird that flies halfway across the world to the mountain and rest in it’s warm welcoming lap

Like eyes that find the way to the light in the dark room, at home

Like the heart that meets another for their realms may change forever, but are even closer, close forever

Like the far up in the sky two winged plane meets tiny jumping feet on the ground

Like the trembling blue ink meets the paper, on its journey transforming into a letter

Like the quivering silence of anticipation meets a breath of relief

Like the eluding familiar song playing hide and seek, but comes back with a pat on the head and a naughty smile

Like worried tiptoes meet ‘no matter what I am always here’ arms of embrace

Like the pouring rain meets the parched mud, I couldn’t wait says one, I couldn’t hold any longer said the other

Like the moment blends into déjà vu, are we different no it’s settled, we are same, we are one ….

They met like all of them and more

As if they were one, together, and never went apart

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