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Message from Priya

“Sometimes it is diffcult to speak or even think about your own journey, your own trials and your own emotions. At such times stories bring a magical power to feel and think without hesitation as it puts things in the context of a 3rd party. I always thought stories are for children but through Ramya I have realised this super power of stories and art.
There is so much empathy and wonder and joy in her telling of stories that you are pulled in to feel and experiance that mythical world with her. And in doing so, you find yourself connecting within to something long forgotten or perhaps even never discovered before.
In full disclosure, I have known Ramya for many years and have always admired her high EQ, compassion and empathy. She has found a way to channel these rare qualities to make a difference and touch so many lives through storytelling and coaching with expressive arts. I love her for this!” ~Priya

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