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Journey of Writings : How I Teach Gender Equality To My 3 Year Old Twins, A Girl And A Boy

Happy to be sharing an article I wrote on (First Published on) Women’s Web on raising children without seeding gender biases. As parents, we make sure we model and teach gender equality to our twins, a boy and a girl…

The day I gave birth to my twins in 2015, we looked at our baby boy and girl, and after the initial moments of joyous emotional outburst subsided, among the first few thoughts and the first few responsibilities that came to mind, one very important one was to never let gender bias affect them. We realized that we had the perfect opportunity to raise them alike, same rules, same freedom and so on.

Of course, I knew that environmental factors would have an impact, a huge impact. And that just the thought wasn’t enough, deliberate action on their parents’, our part, who’ve been subconsciously conditioned in a certain way, was essential.

…. On Women’s Web

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