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Journey of Healing Hope Heart Story Circle

A beautiful February evening when I was in Chennai for Chennai Storytelling Festival I met with some friends and at a cafe I had the joy and beautiful opportunity to begin Healing Hope & Heart Story circle.

Could offer a story that felt touched my heart, so grateful, and listen to reflections and more stories. It was special. Thank you everyone who was there it meant a lot. The warmth and love and encouragement of each other’s journeys.

This journey has been continuing – have been able to hold this circle for Akanksha (link) a couple of times, at a Fireflies mental health festival organized by HeartitOut (link), at Chennai Storytelling Festival (2021) and monthly online sessions with Lahe Lahe during the pandemic. I wish to do more work with this intention. Gratitude. Truly humbled. Touched on this journey. Tiny shoot me.


Link to the article


10/10/2020 Thank you Nitty we met at the circle with Lahe Lahe and I could contribute my bit to a cause that speaks to me – mental health, thankyou

1/10/2020 and 7/05/2020 . Thank you Shessy

So glad also that story laddoos that met us in February 2021 for the first time became part of most circles.


Link to the article to our beautiful collaboration. Glad to have been able to be part of ISHN (Indian Storytellers Healing Network) and now Circle of Love (from October 2023) A blossom from this journey is Story Circle of Love

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