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Message from Blessy

“It was one of my friends that introduced us to Ramya and her story sessions. My daughter joined the sessions during the disheartening Corona times. For the kids who were stuck at home with nothing much to cheer them up, these story sessions were moments of pure bliss where they listened to beautiful stories and got an opportunity to enjoy, be creative, have unabashed chatter about their likes, dislikes, hobbies and their cute little opinions. In current times, most kids don’t get the privilege of growing up on stories recited by grandparents, which used to lay the foundation of strong values, a love for culture and arts and a positive attitude to life. In such times, these story sessions which Ramya would bring to life with her impeccable style of narration irrigated the fertile land of their imagination. And all this despite the limitations of a virtual medium. Ramya’s sessions are so riveting that even parents listening passively would get drawn into the narrative, I definitely did! Me and my daughter are really thankful to Ramya for being the inspiration she is and wish her all the very best for all her creative endeavours in future.” – Blessy

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